Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beef Stroganoff

Mushrooms are on special at The Fresh Ingredient, it's a perfect time to make Stroganoff. Supreme comfort food for these cool evenings.

Source your mushrooms, paprika, tomato paste, eschalots (or baby onions), parsley & sour cream from The Fresh Ingredient. I use either Joslin Street Kotara Butcher or Sellers Meats at Merewether for my meat.

Ingredients (serves 4)
500g thinly sliced beef (if you have a good butcher, buy eye fillet & ask them to slice for you)
2 tbs Herbies Sweet Paprika
ground black pepper
1/3 cup plain flour
¼ cup olive oil
3 eschalots or 2 small brown onions finely diced
400 g button mushrooms thinly sliced
2 tbs tomato paste
1 cup beef stock
½ cup dry white wine
2 tbs Worcestershire Sauce
¾ cup sour cream
1 tbs finely chopped fresh continental parsley

1. Combine paprika, flour and a good grind of black pepper in a bowl, add beef strips and toss to coat beef. 
2. Heat 2tbs oil in a large frying pan. Cook meat quickly in small batches over a med-high heat, remove & set aside.  
3. Add remaining oil to pan, when warm add onion & cook over med-high heat for 3 minutes or until soft.
4. Add mushrooms to pan, cook over med-high heat for 5 minutes.
5. Add tomato paste, wine, stock & Worcestershire sauce to pan, bring to the boil.
6. Reduce heat & simmer for 5 minutes uncovered, stir occasionally.
7. Return meat to pan, add sour cream, stir until combined and just heated through.
8. Sprinkle with parsley & serve with fettucine.

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  1. Yum - I like the sound of this one. I tried stroganoff last year (um, yes, after MasterChef) and wasn't too impressed. I'm going to come in and buy some of your lovely mushrooms, and then wander down the street to my local butcher (Sellers at Merewether!) and put this on this week's menu. Thanks!