Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lamb Shank Tagine

It's been a while since I've posted on the Blog - we've had a busy 12 months! We welcomed a wonderful new Butcher to our Georgetown Fresh Food Hub and the two businesses are working closely to bring beautiful fresh food to the tables of Newcastle families!

This is the perfect mid-winter comfort food, rich and flavourful with root vegetables.  Serve with cous cous for a complete meal.

Lamb Shank Tagine

Ingredients - Serves 4
8 small lamb shanks  
4 tablespoons Herbie’s Spices Tagine Spice Blend
4 parsnips cut into 3cm cubes
6 carrots cut into 3cm cubes
2 long red chillies, sliced
2 red onions (in 1/8ths)
2 teaspoons crushed garlic
1 lemon cut into 3cm cubes
1 cup firm green olives
3 x 400g can chopped tomatoes
200mL water or brown stock

  1. Coat shanks in 2 tablespoons tagine mix and roast 45 minutes at 200ºC, turning once.
  2. Brown parsnips, chillies, carrots, onion and garlic in large pan, add remaining tagine mix, lemon, olives & tomatoes.  Bring to a gentle boil and cook 5 minutes.
  3. Drain fat from roasting tray and cover shanks with sauce.  Add water or stock, cover and cook at 180ºC for 2-3 hours, until meat falls from bone. 
  4. Turn shanks during cooking and add more water if looking dry. Serve with cous cous.
Additional Tips
If you're lucky, there will be left-overs for lunch the next day.  If you like your food with some extra heat, make up a Harissa paste to serve on the side. 

This Recipe courtesy of Herbies Spices.